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Our Thinktank was created in 2022 in order to find synergies between doing business in Europe and in Ukraine as we believe that after proper preparations, discussions and alignment, we can build sustainable development of Ukraine as soon as the war will end. Preparations of such a big scale process needs a lot of time, commitment and dedication from various stakeholders from Europe and Ukraine. This is why ThinkTank was created in Luxembourg as the best place to have discussion around structuring, mitigation, diversification and administration of any investment vehicles, processes and mechanisms which would be used in order to reshape Ukraine.

Working Groups

Establishing a comprehensive governance framework is an essential prerequisite for Ukraine’s seamless integration into the European ecosystem. This framework necessitates augmentation across various dimensions, encompassing the rule of law, anti-corruption measures, investor risk mitigation, compliance, corporate governance, and transfer pricing considerations. The overarching objective of this working group is to foster collaboration and create synergies by conducting a thorough GAP analysis and proactively implementing innovative solutions. These collective efforts aim to significantly minimize the identified gaps and propel Ukraine closer to its European integration goals.

Luxembourg, known for its AAA rating in the EU, is poised to play a pivotal role in post-war structural developments. Its strengths, including a clear legal framework, a strong track record, and expertise in structuring deals, make it a choice. Investors aim to diversify risk by pooling interests into Alternative Investment Funds and Securitisation vehicles to support Ukraine’s reconstruction, both from a social impact and a business perspective.
This working group’s objective is to offer investor guidelines, assess risk mitigation, and foster expertise exchange among Ukrainian and Luxembourg asset managers, backed by Benelux funds.

We live in an era of ongoing evolution of tech and innovation. Ukraine is among the top 50 most innovative economies of the world by the global innovation index 2020 and doesn’t plan to give up this role. This is where Luxembourg and Ukraine ecosystems have a lot of synergies in relation to digitalisation and plans for such a path to be taken. UA founders are resilient, brave and open to learning. UA tech companies are those reaching top rankings among peers globally because this is what helps Ukraine fight.
The objective of this working group is to allocate cooperation, open new pathways and increase collaboration between Ukraine and Benelux in the fields of IT, tech and innovations, cybersecurity and data management.

Green transition is an inevitable part of Ukraine recovery and transition in the European way of leaving. It is inevitable due to the fact that we cant reconstruct Ukraine energy facilities the old ways, with old principles and old equipment. 
This is where we also believe that ESG linked investment products will be of a high demand among European and US investors, this si where we see that Ukraine knows this and goes towards green deal with a high speed. Objective of this working group is to formulate a proper assessment of where Ukraine stands within the Green deal landscape following recommendations given by European parliament and leveraged on Luxembourg expertise of having best ESG practice and first EU green stock exchange.

Our working group empowers women in Ukraine and around the world in technology and cybersecurity. We focus on inspiring innovation, sharing expertise, and creating meaningful connections. As we navigate the dynamic tech landscape, we actively seek to bridge the gender gap by empowering women to overcome the unique challenges they face. We firmly believe that women play an integral role in shaping the future of cybersecurity, technology, and entrepreneurship on a global scale.


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